The Big Marketing Trends For 2011

I can do it Stick pad

Social media is red hot.  In 2011 your going to see an even larger influence on the business world.  For those who have been sitting on the sidelines or have been casually dabbling on Facebook, its time to engage.  Your participation in the social web will only increase your ability to succeed. Find out more […]

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Make It About Them Marketing

Blah, blah, blah, I’m so awesome.  Blah, blah, I’m the best at what I do.  Check out my super cool blah, blah! Want your marketing to really connect with your prospect? Stop making it all about you and instead focus it on them. I challenge you to look at the copy on your website.  Does […]

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Letting Clients See The Real You

Do you let your clients see the real you?  Allowing your personality to come through in your marketing can be very powerful.  Especially if can weave your story into your message.  Customers want to do business with someone they can relate to. Use your own stories to help achieve this connection.

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What Do You Think About the Knot?

Wedding at titanic

There is a lot of criticism about those mega-wedding websites flying around the internet these days.  Wedding vendors are sick and tired of not getting the most out of their bridal advertising.  And who can blame us!  I sure haven’t enjoyed wasting money on expensive advertising over the years. But whose fault is it, really? […]

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