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Wedding Pro Feedback

“I just wanted to thank you for this amazing Blueprint, it takes a lot of hard work to implement these strategies but it really works! Any wedding vendor who wants to succeed and stand out should attend this brilliant course.”
Martina Selvagi, Wedding Planner
“This is amazing! Your training has brought so much insight to both my business and my life!! I am so glad to have purchased all of your programs! Thank you so much Stephanie & Jeff! I look forward to your continuing contribution of urging me to get out of my shell, evolve and contribute my own unique genius to the world, REALLY!!”
Kwanza Bowe, Destination Wedding Specialist
“These have been the best marketing videos I have ever seen. I have started implementing some of the things already! Can’t wait to see my business blossom!”
Gail Kenney, Photographer
“I went ahead and purchased the Book More Brides package of videos and started using the email template right away. And guess what, we already have a number of brides responding back almost instantly when they receive that email. Previously, it would be weeks for a response and sometimes we never hear from them. This stuff works and looking forward to more webinars and insightful information. Thanks for your help!”
Martelle Pitts, DJ
“I used some of the techniques that were fresh in my mind. Amazing conversation!...I took your advice and asked her....’Since you've waited so long to book a videographer, you must have some concerns...what are they?’ And then I promptly put her at ease and am sending out a contract!!! So exciting! And you're right, I didn't have to talk price until the end of the conversation and by then, price was not even her main concern. BRAVO!”
Jen Cassaro, Videographer
“Your system has been very successful for me. Thank You both! I have doubled my bookings even though I skipped the area’s largest bridal fair this year thanks to your Wedding Blueprint system.”
David Skaggs, DJ
“Within two months, I had clearly defined my target market, started booking more of the couples who were looking for what I offer, and increased my average price by 70%...Don’t think twice about signing up for their help – you will be tickled pink with yourself and your business results.”
Rev. Judith Johnson, Author of The Wedding Ceremony Planner & Ceremony Design Expert
“Now you’ve made it frighteningly easy for vendors to work your system to find their customers! Working with Steph and Jeff through their wedding business consulting services at Book More Brides, I was able multiply my mobile wedding DJ business revenue x6! After 4 years of following Steph and Jeff’s advice and benefiting from their help and assistance, I was able to realize my dream of quitting my day job and working for myself, full-time. It’s been 4 years since then, my company is thriving, and life has never been better. I’m a better person for having known you!”
DJ Bri Swatek
“As the largest catering company in our market, we thought we knew every sales & marketing technique to grow our business. Man were we wrong! Steph & Jeff were not only a pleasure to work with but they helped us put together some key programs to grow our business. I can’t say how valuable their outside set of eyes were. They have paid for their costs 5X over now and it’s only been a year. Thanks guys.”
Ryan Angott, Marketing Director Continental Services