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It can be a bit intimidating when you’re passionate about your wedding business, but you have no idea how to get wedding leads.

We all start off brand new. No experience, no reputation, no referrals.

But no worries! We’ll show you exactly how to get wedding leads that will start your business off on the right foot.

If you’ve got a new wedding business and don’t know where to start getting leads, here’s what to do:

   1.    Do your homework first.

Use The Wedding Report to find out the real stats about your local wedding market: how many weddings, the average price for your services, average wedding budget. This is vital information you’ll need to figure out what to charge and if there is enough demand in the market to support your new business in the first place.

Spend some time online in the bride local chat rooms of the Knot  and visit the Top 100 Wedding Blogs. What are brides looking for in your service that they can’t find? Look for an unmet need you can meet.

Scope out your competitors online. You’ll need to be different to get business. If you can find a need in your market that isn’t being met, you’ll have an instant edge over your competitors.

   2.    Find a mentor.

The fastest way to get referrals, jump start your business and starting making money is to get a mentor behind you.

Use the Power Lunch strategy to pull this off: Identify 5 respected wedding professionals in your local area. Ask friends for recommendations of super nice people because a personalized introduction is a great way to start the relationship. Someone who isn’t a direct competitor will be easiest, but don’t rule out someone who already does what you want to do, especially if you have a connection with them.

Call them up. Tell them that you admire their work (be sincere!) and that you’re just starting out. Ask if you can take them to lunch to get their advice and help for your business.

Not everyone will respond, but you’re just looking for one person to teach you their secrets, give you advice and eventually send you referrals. 

(Of course, you can always contact Nick and I for a consultation; we love helping new wedding pros figure out how to get wedding leads!)

  3.     Make friends in the wedding business. Lots of them!

Look for Facebook groups for local wedding pros, start following local pros on Instagram or identify the local wedding associations in your area and join them. Industry groups like ABC, NACE or the ADJA  often have local chapters.

Make it your goal to meet three new people at each networking meeting, or to reach out to three new people through direct message on Facebook or Instagram each week. Find a way you can help them and you’ll be come fast friends. It’s a quick way to get your first referrals.

   4.    Follow up with everyone you meet.

When you meet someone, especially if they work in the wedding industry, start following them online or take their card. Jot down a note about your conversation or reference it in your first direct message to them.

After that first message, consider sending them a video or voice message and ask about their most recent wedding – what they loved about the couple they worked with, what they didn’t and if that couple was one of their more typical clients. And make sure to respond when they do! Don’t leave them hanging – reply with your thoughts on their response to keep the conversation goin.

If you stay consistent, people will remember you and the referrals will start coming. It’s the best cheap marketing you can do!

   5.    Use your inexperience as an asset.

One of the trickiest questions to answer when you’re just starting out is, “How many weddings have you done?”

Eeek. You don’t want to lie, but who wants to be your very first wedding?

First, don’t tell them you haven’t done any weddings unless they ask. If they do ask, use your inexperience as an asset.

Explain any related experience and work references you have and then say, “We can offer you an extreme discount because we’re still building our portfolio. We’re just starting out, so we work even harder to make sure you’re happy!”

Practice your answer to this question until it’s smooth and natural. That way you can relax during your meetings.

   6.    Consider online ads – but cautiously.

Many a new wedding pro has thrown money at Facebook or Instagram ads – or even Wedding Wire or The Knot – without doing some research first on who exactly they want to serve, and how they can stand out a bit.

Just advertising that you’re a wedding photographer/DJ/planner/fill-in-the-blank on these platforms won’t get you a good return on your money; instead, you need to make sure you’re sending them to a high-quality lead magnet or download piece – something they’re actually interested in for their wedding, AND relates to your service. This will also help you better narrow down your audience profile for your ads so that you’re attracting the right couples.

Do your homework on your ideal client before running your ads, and you’re much more likely to see a return on your investment instead of regretting an expensive, no-return ad spend.   

   7.    Start a blog and write at least once a week.

Having a blog on your website is absolutely essential to capturing FREE “organic” search traffic, those are the people out there searching for someone like you who haven’t heard of you yet…which is pretty much everyone when you’re brand new.

Make sure you use the names of local cities, towns, regions and venues in your posts. This will help more people find you and you’ll see your traffic increase over time.

As a new wedding business, you bring passion and enthusiasm that the old timers just don’t have, and your clients will respond to it. Make friends meet the brides, and your business will be off to a great start!

Contact Nick and I for a consultation; we love helping new wedding pros figure out how to get wedding leads!

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  1. thanks for the information

  2. Terrific writing on arbitrary topics. Im currently trying to
    accomplish something similar to what you have here except
    for on
    a totally different topic. Many thanks for the motivation to
    write better content.

  3. Thanks for all the advise. Time to go and make be friends 🙂
    Could you recommend any bloggers / writters / agencies in the wedding industry that could help with the blogging aspect of it at a reasonable cost?

  4. Thanks for Sharing. Useful information.

  5. Priya says:

    very useful information for those who need it!P

  6. Mona says:


    Great network site. I have not been able to reach brides but know they are there. My grandparents provided services to brides and grooms when I was a child and I watched them last for many years. Many brides and grooms were from the religious organization which has now 6 million members internationally as well as USA states. This is good for people who are members because they will refer.

    My services a bridal wear , as well as working with a personal Planner who does a good job.

  7. Ash says:

    Thanks For Sharing!

  8. MB says:

    I work for a Wedding Blog and it is very successful but I was wondering if anyone had advice as to how to gain more “bride” followers?

  9. Excited to start my new journey as an Event Coordinator.

    I am currently based out of Valencia, California in the Los Angeles County.

    I am looking for suggestions for new leads.

    I am also interested in building my vendor list. If you are reliable and creative in your line of work, let’s connect.

    Thank you in advance.

    Tisarai Johnson
    Event Coordinator
    Coordinating Fantasy’s by Tisarai

    (818) 689-0964 cell

    1. Sofia says:

      Hi Tisarai,

      I am a recent certified Wedding Planner in San Diego and so excited as well but unsure of where to begin. Maybe we can chat and help each other out. Here is my email address if you’d like to connect [email protected]

      Have a great day! Sofia

  10. vishal sehgal says:

    I’m new to the industry of Wedding Planner and I would love to have a mentor. I am talented and humble. I just want to learn more. I am from NEW Delhi (west delhi ) INDIA for querry related to wedding planning can contact me on 9650962125. Thanks
    Vishal sehgal

    1. Heera says:


      I am new to this field. Kind of starting as a freelancer into this wedding planner business. Would love to get leads and connections worldwide since I am taking up destination weddings too.

  11. I am in Columbus Ohio and just starting out in the Wedding Photography industry. Just starting out means I have NOT booked my first wedding so this website is fabulous!!
    I am a fifteen year free lancer, and do all types of photography, but am mostly specializing in portrait, modeling, head shots, promo kits etc with quite a bit of fine art to the point that I am looking into opening a store on Facebook. Since everyone is telling me I should definitely get into weddings I will welcome any advice and hope that all of you will take a look at my work-particularly any wedding planners out there in the Columbus Ohio area. I also have three years on staff in Orlando Florida with Disney in their Digital Photo Imaging department and am just finishing up my degree in Digital Photography at Columbus State. Hit me up!! Thank you!!

    1. Welcome, Adriane. Glad you found us. 🙂

    2. Call me. I’m a 20+ year veteran DJ in the wedding industry and live in Columbus, OH also.

      J.T. Michaels @ 614-571-0820

  12. Fatima says:

    Hello everyone, if someone is interested about wedding destination please get in touch we might be able to help each other and collaborate. We are based in Spain and UK.

    1. Hi. Fatima,

      Please allow me to introduce my self. My name is Christine and I am the sales manager of Soori Bali which is located in the West of Bali. Maybe just for your interest to have a wedding in Bali – Indonesia, Please check out our new wedding venue at our website in or just drop me an email at [email protected]. Who knows we could work out together.

      Thanks hope to hear from you soon.

  13. Roberta Stringfellow says:

    I’m new to the industry of Wedding Planner and I would love to have a mentor. I am talented and humble. I just want to learn more. I am from the Shreveport, La. area. Thanks.

  14. Nicole says:

    Always doing searches to better my business and always land back to Book More Brides!

  15. Nshira Kofi says:

    hi am very thankful for all the hints I have receive here. Am new to the industry and would like to get links to business friends all across the worl. Am from Ghana in the West Africa(00233548896241) ([email protected]). Thanks so much

    1. Sarah Cartier says:

      I’m also a upcoming wedding planner
      I’m based in Los Angeles California
      We should talk
      Do you have skype?

      1. Hello Sarah,

        I just read this post and am a wedding photographer, I notice you said your an upcoming wedding planner. We should meet up and maybe help eachother!!

        1. Cassie says:

          Hello Jessica! My name is Cassie and I am just starting out in the wedding planning industry as well! I am looking for a photographer to add to my preferred vendor list! We should link up!

  16. Kaveri says:

    Hey i am Kaveri from mumbai India.. I am new to bridal makeup industry.. Really liked your post and inspired. Thanx

  17. Great advice, thanks for sharing!

  18. Kelly says:

    What am I doing wrong? I’ve been to 2 wedding shows. So far I’ve only booked one bride. This last show seemed promising. I ran a giveaway that required brides set up an appointment with me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get anyone to pinpoint a date, so I just had them write their info down and told them to expect a call or email from me within the week. I was super excited because I had 50+ brides who seemed genuinely interested and want to make an appointment. It’s been 2 weeks now. I can’t get a single bride to respond to my emails or phone calls. I have attempted to contact all of them twice now.

    Have I become a lepor? Obviously it’s something I’m doing. I’ve tried several tips from your website in my email headlines and subjects.

    1. I’m quite sure you’re not a leper. Not if they let you into the bridal show. (Sorry–bad joke.)

      It’s hard to know exactly what happened, but my best guess is:

      – Your giveaway wasn’t compelling enough. Was it a discount offer? Or a no strings attached giveaway?

      – Your follow up wasn’t compelling enough to get a response. (I guess that’s obvious.)

      – If you couldn’t get anyone out of those 50 brides to set an appointment, it means either you’re horrible at setting appointments or they really didn’t want to set one.

      Here’s an alternative approach to try: offer each couple a “bribe” just for setting an appointment with you. A $20 gift card to pay for their gas should help. If you can get them to the meeting, your chances of booking them are MUCH higher.

      Also, make sure you practice guiding someone through an appointment. It should be easy and natural with you asking questions until you set the date.

      We’ve got lots of tips on our website (just search for “bridal show”) but here are some follow up strategies you can use with that list:

  19. Sylvia says:

    I am new to the business. I am in Florida in the Broward County area. How can I find client in the area. How to go about to get my clients. What idea do you have. I already have my business cards and my flyers and car magnets sign on my car. But I am not getting any calls. What am I doing wrong.

    1. Brenna Catalano Rhoades says:

      Hi, Sylvia. I would focus on items #3 and #6 above. Have you joined any of the groups mentioned to network with other local wedding vendors? Have you exhibited at a local bridal show? It may help get your name out there. You mentioned business cards and flyers – where are you handing these out? Make sure you are distributing them places where brides will see them and that your marketing materials have a clear call to action.
      – Brenna (Project Manager at Book More Brides)

  20. Jasmine Gonzales says:

    This is very helpful! Thank you!

  21. vinodh says:

    I cant agree more on point 8.
    just by blogging about problems faced by potential customers and their solutions
    I got many leads. with a conversion rates of more than 10 % .
    This writeup is not just for bridal business professionals.
    facebook conversion was less for me. may be because i dont have option over seo .
    your tip on mentioning city ,locality names in blogpost is great. it never occurred to me .
    will do hereafter when i do blog post.

  22. Auburn Rush says:

    Can you tell me some of the websites available to purchase bridal leads please?

    1. Hi, Auburn. We don’t generally recommend bridal lead lists because they aren’t very effective. Read this article for more info:

  23. Dorothy says:

    Nice article. Thanks for the tips.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to get leads and I’m brand new in this business I’m trying to get on whatever sites I can but most of them you have to pay for leads…Is there an easier way I can get to my potential clients?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Jjanusz Custom Jewlery Design is not new, but I sure could have used this advice when we started up 6 years ago! Linked In and people like you, who are willing to share, is exactly the kind of help a newbie needs! When we designed and created all of the engagement rings worn by the models at the Chicago Drake Hotel’s “Magnificent Bride”, the only customers we got were other vendors! Becasue we didn’t have our bricks and mortar studio. Now, we get customers from all over the United States who are willing to work with us over skype. My advice- keep trying new things, but most importantly keep networking- it works!

  26. Great tips, Rob!

    It’s important for all of us to be where the brides are. I see wedding vendors on FB blasting out their marketing channel on our Book More Brides page…where there are no brides!

    In the beginning, it’s as important to network with other key vendors as it is to be where the brides are because the right relationship with a few vendors will bring a huge stream of bride referrals.

    The “right vendors” are typically the ones working a similar market who brides book just before you.

    I love these tips about using your online proofing site as marketing! You can combine that with sharing wedding photos with your watermark on Facebook and tagging them so that your couples can easily share them there, too.

  27. Anonymous says:

    If you are looking for work go where your clients are, not where your competition is. That means that you should get involved in groups on Linked-In/Facebook that cater to brides and not photographers. You could also get involved in groups that cater to planners as they will be a great source of referrals.
    If we assume you have some work, make sure that you are using an online proofing site so that your bride can easily share those images with their friends and see how great you are. Get a link to that site on your own website and have the bride send everyone to your website to see their pictures. Make sure that proofing site collects email addresses and sends out reminder emails. The reason you want this is that you then have multiple points of contact with potential clients and that solidifies you in their memory. If they just go to your site once to see the pictures they will forget who you are a month from now.

  28. Anonymous says:

    As always a great advice for the bridal specialists. I do like facebook marketing. Thanks

  29. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate the Information in this session and looking forward to hearing from you again.
    I am new to the Wedding Planning Business but any Information I know now I am happy to share with others as this helps all of us.
    Thanks Jacalyn.

    1. [quote name=”Jacalyn Price”]
      I am new to the Wedding Planning Business but any Information I know now I am happy to share with others as this helps all of us.

      I love this attitude, Jacalyn!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’m a wedding planner in the Syracuse, NY area and I’m always looking for the new thing that’s going on in the wedding industry.

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m new and in Watertown not that far away…..we should talk!

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