Why You're Losing Wedding Leads To Your Competition, Even Though You Are A Better Wedding Pro!

What if your wedding business has such powerful messaging that it immediately attracts and closes your ideal couples?

Get exclusive one-on-one coaching sessions with the wedding industry experts at Book More Brides to solve your copywriting struggles. 

Don't Know Where to Start? We've Got You.

You have a vision for your business, but it's not always easy to communicate that vision to potential clients. From branding, to emails, to ad copy, to your website and beyond, Book More Brides has your back with our years of experience and proven results. Even if you're unsure of where to start, we can help guide you through the process of refreshing your content!

The words you choose matter.
You have approximately 8 seconds to keep someone reading

With the digital age, studies have shown that the human attention span is decreasing because of the speed we can get and digest information. We'll teach you how to get and KEEP the attention of your leads.

Grammar is crucial

Sometimes you can read something you've written a million times, but accidentally miss a grammar or spelling error. Let our trained communications and marketing experts be your second set of eyes and review your copy.

Keywords and phrases you need to grow

Let us keep up on all of the ever-changing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other keywords, hashtags, etc. The best part? We work with clients in every part of the wedding industry so we have experience on what works best!

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"The Book More Brides Team has been nothing but helpful. Their hands-on approach allowed me to be part of process, and really understand their thinking.

- Sam Roberts, Client

Convert your leads with Book More Brides'
Copywriting Services
Ad Copy

Have you ever had writers' block when it comes to paid social media and search ads? We've got the cure with our one-on-one coaching sessions. This collaborative environment allows our BMB team to translate what's in your brain onto the screen.

Website Copy

Whether you're refreshing your content or wondering how to write for Search Engine Optimization, our experts are here to help make it happen.

Pitching your Products and Services 

Updating brochures or pricing pamphlets can be tricky. Let's work together to find the words to show people you're worth your price (and more!).

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One-on-one coaching with a marketing expert.

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Tailored approach to fit your needs and goals.

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We're here to help, not break your bank.

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