If you have a beautiful website and are getting lots of hits, but very little action taken by brides then you might need to simplify. There is a lot of information that you need to put on your wedding business website but the bottom line is that you have to keep things simple or you will find that your website is turning brides off.

Don’t pack everything on the first page. Create tabs for additional information, but keep those to a minimum. A bride doesn’t know anything about your site. Your job is to grab her attention and then lead her step by step through your site. The home page is an introduction to your business and should get her to take action. This means it should include a heading, at least one picture, a bit about what you do, the opt-in form to get her contact info and give her a freebie, and all of your contact information.

The layout of your site should guide a brides eyes from the most important information which is your catchy first sentence or heading, through the information on the page. From there she can choose which tab to click on “About,” Wedding Packages,” Photo Gallery,” “Additional Information,” “Testimonies,” and “Contact.” Adding much more than that will again confuse her. Take a look at your site. Does it confuse you and look messy? If you’re not sure ask a friend or family member to look at it and give you feedback. To get an idea of what a messy website looks like check out this article by Kathy Dal Pra.

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