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Marketing has come a long ways since the advent of social media. Whereas in the past there was an invisible glass wall separating clientele from businesses, today there is major ongoing interaction directly between clients and business management.

The wedding industry has amazingly taken much longer to tap into the change which has lead to major frustration with brides. Of all businesses the wedding industry is quite literally based on a personal connection between the bride and the vendors she chooses. Thankfully in the last couple of years there has been a slow adjustment by wedding businesses to adopt the new social media marketing strategies that allow that connection.

To put things in perspective on the importance of using social media for your business to connect with potential brides Rohit Bhargava points out on his blog Influential Marketing Blog  that 50% of all Facebook users click the like button on a business page each month. People want to connect with businesses and hear from them online so don’t miss the opportunity to use this to effectively market to interested brides.

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