3 website blunders

By Kathy DalPra

Most wedding professionals would agree that these days, their website is the most important marketing tool they have in their arsenal. That being said though, far too many pro’s don’t have websites that effectively communicate how great they are or can produce solid leads.

Want to make sure that your website isn’t costing you sales?

Avoid these 3 major website blunders…

Launching for Looks, Not Sales

There is simply no question in my mind, after working with countless wedding professionals on turning more visitors into clients, that the #1 mistake bridal businesses make is to build a website mostly based on design and aesthetics, rather than a solid selling strategy.

As a graphic designer myself, I totally get the the desire to pretty things up and I’m definitely not suggesting that you skip the gorgeous graphics or D.I.Y. it. That said, looks will only get you so far. The most beautiful website online is a complete financial flop if it doesn’t generate leads, inquiries and bookings.

So if you want to avoid investing in a fancy brochure that drains your wallet but never fills it back up, learn to see beyond the visuals when it comes to building your website. Consider precisely how you will move curious buyers into becoming quality leads and inquiries…and build your website around that!

Luring In Price-Shoppers

Want to know what all true price-shoppers have in common? They are obsessed with information. Checklists, PDF brochures, proposals, bullet lists, service menus…any type of detailed information that makes it super easy for them to compare you line item by line item to every other provider in the area.

That’s why the very first thing I often do with my clients is help them put a plug in their #1 sales leak: information overload. I know that few quality prospects are ever going to call them or take the time to meet with them if they *think* they have all the information they need to make a decision right on the website!

But, let’s get real, do clients really buy your services because you have 2 extra pages in your photo album package or because you stay an extra hour on the day of the event? Of course not! At the end of the day, they buy because you’re awesome and you’re going to help them make their wedding experience simply spectacular.

That said, I don’t believe for one second that endless details about every single package and service you offer on your website is truly going to inspire visitors to book a consultation. And since many of my clients have proved my theory in real life, once we put a stop to this info-sanity, I see no reason to doubt it.

Going It Alone

Want to know one of my dirty secrets? I stink at legal stuff. Ok…maybe it’s not that much of a secret 😉 But it’s true. I have no idea how to properly draft a contract, and completely unqualified to do so and, frankly, I’d rather watch paint dry anyway. That’s why I don’t try to take this stuff on myself and, instead, have the the most awesome attorneys ever. Over the years, they have helped me put legal bones behind all my various ventures and gave me total peace of mind, plus protection.

When you are in business as a caterer, your passion is food. When you’re a photographer, it might be imagery and gadgets. When you’re a designer, it’s decor. But it’s probably not websites.

This is why I will never understand why wonderfully talented, creative and smart wedding pros continue to handle their website on their own…knowing that it is the #1 sales tool they have, the very first impression they make and the place where everyone (even referrals) go to research them!

And yet, so many bridal businesses are losing thousands of dollars every month in missed leads and inquiries simply because they are trying to save a few thousand today by going the D.I.Y. route (even if it is not their area of expertise).

The most heartbreaking part about watching so many small businesses do this is that all that hard work doesn’t amount to much when they have a shiny new website that isn’t generating any more leads or inquiries than the clunky old website that came before it.

Is your website costing you sales?


About the Author: Kathy takes the overwhelm out of SEO and website marketing so wedding businesses can thrive online. You can connect with her at http://brideappeal.com.