Pinterest board 2

Pinterest is a social media platform. That said, as you probably already know, it is very, very different from anything else out there. The whole point of it is to be visual and artistic. It is more of a place to get ideas and make recommendations for products, recipes and more than a place to chat with others.

Using Pinterest for a wedding business is a bit complicated. They are still working on how to keep people from sharing content that they don’t have rights to and much more according to the article by Christine Lagorio. One of the easiest ways to help this is to watermark every single item you post and include a link to your website or product in the description (which is shared each time someone pins it).

So what can you do with Pinterest to make it work for your wedding business? You can have a board showing weddings you’ve done, use it to show your products, even create boards which show ideas for planning a wedding, color schemes and more. The question is: are you using Pinterest and if so how is it working, and if not, what are your reasons for staying away from using the platform?

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