bride hugging her mom

The concept of persuasion in marketing is often either misunderstood or overlooked. The definition of persuasion actually sums up the idea quite well as “A deep conviction or belief.” When used in marketing the idea of persuasion is that you are convincing people to take a certain action which might be to opt in to your newsletter, sign up for a freebie, or sign a contract with your company for their wedding.

So how do you manage to get people to do what you want them to do? According to Dr. Robert Cialdini’s brilliant article it is through measured action. You aren’t just telling brides to do something, or begging them to choose you, you are showing them that not only have others taken this action before them, but it is a no brainer to choose your product or service.

Using persuasion marketing in a wedding business can be something as simple as a photographer creating a package that not only includes the wedding photos, but a free mini shoot. It could also be something like a bakery doing a free sheet cake with the wedding cake, but only for those who book their weddings with the bakery in the next month. Wedding dress stores will sometimes advertise one day discounts on bridesmaid dresses if the wedding dress is bought at their store. However sales and freebies aren’t the only way to persuade a bride to take action. You should also use testimonials of brides who have used your service and loved you, have seasonal package deals which change out through the year, and connect to the bride on a personal level as like often attracts like.

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