freaking out

Starting a wedding business can be overwhelming, especially if you are a solo-preneuir. There is ton that you have to do and it’s easy to start feeling like there is no way to keep up. Empathize with the feeling? Part of what may be confusing you is the belief that you can make a list over everything that needs done, and believing that you can complete it in a day. Like it or not, when you are the only one running your business things are going to take time. You don’t have an assistant to take phone calls and run errands while you focus on the actual planning or art side of things. It’s just you.

It’s okay if everything doesn’t get done as fast as a business that has several employees. Caroline Limpert points out in her awesome and encouraging article that you need to change your focus from seeing what hasn’t been finished yet, to seeing that everything you do is progress. Every day you work on something is progress, whether it takes you more time than you wanted, or less, realize that you are building your business and are slowly getting closer and closer to your goal. Give yourself a break, take time to breath and plunge back into the fray. You’ll get there! What do you think?

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