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There was a time when the best kept secret of Facebook pages was the fact that you could set up a custom tab with an opt-in form to your newsletter and set it as your default landing page. Businesses loved this as it boosted their fan base, and built their list at the same time.

The switch to Facebook Timeline pages has worried a lot of businesses as it seemed like this functionality was gone. According to the awesome article by All Facebook there are still ways to pretty much accomplish the same thing, just in a different format. Make sure to read their article to find out how to add this to your page!

Why do you as a wedding business want a different default landing page? Quite simply because it allows brides who land on your page the opportunity to get a better, more professional feel for your business, opt-in to your newsletter to stay connected, and gives them the possibility of getting a freebie from you for doing so (which boosts their loyalty to your business). Have you set a default landing page for your wedding business Facebook page and if so how did it work for you? Comment to let us know!

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