When it comes down to it, marketing creativity is what makes a bride take notice of a business and increases the chance of her choosing one business over another, especially if the marketing is connected to a friendly business. Although social media and Foursquare in particular were the focus of Lauren Drell’s article, there were scads of great ideas for marketing that have been successful, and with tweaking would work for any business.


The main component of a creative marketing tactic is a mixture of thinking out of the box, and giving people something free for their effort. To be specific about effort, the check in option on Facebook and Foursquare both are a great way for businesses to get free marketing. Rewarding someone for something so simple can boost your business and your marketing. Your reward doesn’t have to be something major, it can be anything from quirky to something as simple as a free desert, or an extra add on service to their purchase. This is not because of the purchase, but because of their checking in at your business online. Make sure to read Laurens article for 6 great marketing examples!

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