I got my legs professionally waxed this week.

(You’re welcome for the visual OUCH.)

Something interesting happened:

I walked in planning to spend about $150 and ending up with a bill of $219.80.

Was I ripped off? Brainwashed into overspending? Confused by the inhalation of perfumes and tonics?

Nope. I was HAPPY about it.

I feel good about myself and my purchases.

My technician, Paige, was a lovely young woman with a bubbly personality and a huge smile. She educated me about the products and the results her clients get with them, what she uses herself, what works and what doesn’t.

Her recommendations felt authentic and helpful. I trusted them.

She introduced me to the products and asked if I wanted them. I found (much to my surprise — I usually say an automatic NO) that I did! Paige even hooked me up with a free facial — something I’ve never done before or even considered.

Was she a brilliant sales person?

Not really.

She was real. She was helpful. She made me an offer.

I’m not using this story to illustrate the “5 Strengths of Master Sales People,” though I could undoubtedly pull that from this experience.

I’m sharing this to (hopefully) collapse any limiting beliefs about selling that keep you from earning the income you desire.

Selling isn’t “dirty” or “icky” — unless you create that meaning.

Selling in its highest form is SERVING.

Selling opens up a POSSIBILITY for your clients. It introduces them to a product or service that will contribute to their lives.

Selling a bride or groom something for their wedding lets all of you become DREAMMAKERS.

Something truly magical happens when a person opens their wallet to pay, especially if it’s a BIG purchase.

It’s emotional. Inspiring. Transformational.

Have you ever spent a lot of money, maybe more than you were comfortable with, on a purchase you hoped would change your life?

Do you remember how you felt in that moment?

In the moment when you said YES, something changed.

You created your own value.

You see, when you invite someone to invest in your services you’re really inviting them to invest in themselves.

The experience of value begins as the transaction occurs.

It’s the excitement, the fear, the “will it do what it says on the label?” is what creates the value.

And guess what? The value is NOT the same if the service is free.

When the price tag is a little uncomfortable, the experience of value is enhanced because of the EMOTION that’s simultaneously invested.

I’m not suggesting that everyone should charge astronomical prices; you get to choose what’s right for you and your market.

I am urging you to acknowledge the value and transformation you create immediately in the moment you SELL your wares…not just when you deliver them.

Selling is a beautiful gift to give someone.

The skeptics may say that I’m spinning my own meaning to justify high ticket sales. Perhaps in a sense they’re right.

But aren’t we always creating our own meaning anyway?

I’m going to choose the meaning that creates the most value for me AND my clients.

What do you think?

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