Stand Out From Competitors. Stand Out From Competitors. Stand Out From Competitors

Over the past year, there was a lot of uncertainty for our couples and their wedding day which meant there was a lot of uncertainty for us wedding pros too. 

Fortunately, most states across the US have now completely reopened and there is a huge wedding boom happening right now. These couples are tired of waiting for their big day to finally happen, so now is the perfect time to restart your wedding business!

“We want to help you feel confident and ready to kickstart your wedding business in 2021.”

If last year left you feeling low and insecure about making a sale then keep reading to learn the 4 tips you can implement today to restart your wedding business with confidence. It is time to build a solid foundation and show your ideal couples you are here, why you are the perfect wedding pro for them and what you can do for them.

  1. Build a strong online presence 

The world has changed a lot in the last year which means that for wedding business owners who want to continue to grow, and book more brides, adapting your business to this change is important.  

Wedding businesses can no longer solely rely on in-person events, word of mouth, and referrals as their main source of marketing and advertising. By focusing on building a strong online presence instead, you are going to reach more potential couples and create more opportunities for your wedding business to grow and succeed post-covid-19.

  1. Be Proactive and put yourself out there

Not only has a lot changed for our wedding businesses, but a lot has changed for couples too. Many couples have had to change the location of their wedding multiple times, and even the date of their wedding.

So, if you have been told NO by potential couples in the past because they were all set and everything was booked already, you still have the opportunity to turn those potential couples into booked couples. 

This is not possible unless you are being proactive, putting yourself out there, making your presence online known, and making yourself available to those couples who desperately need you. 

  1. Use clear messaging that connects with your ideal couples 

Now that you have built a strong online presence and have been incredibly proactive in helping potential couples find you online, you need to make sure that they like what they see when they get to your website.

This means making sure your website ticks all the boxes! 

  • Is your website set up for what your couples need right now?
  • Does your website tell potential couples everything they need to know?
  • Does your website help your potential couples connect with you
  • Does your website make your potential couples feel confident that you are the right wedding pro for them?

Making sure your website includes some of the most crucial elements, such as clear messaging, will ensure your ideal couples are clicking your CTA (call to action) instead of clicking away from your website and onto your competitors. 

   4. Don’t shy away from learning good sales techniques 

Growing a successful wedding business and achieving more bookings involves not just being good at your craft or offering a great product, it also means getting good at marketing and sales. 

Learning solid sales techniques will:

  • Help you feel really strong when asking for a sale.
  • Help your ideal couples feel so confident about you being the right wedding pro for them that they will say yes sooner.
  • Help you have the right process in place to prevent getting ghosted by potential couples.

Your wedding business needs you to adopt a true marketing perspective right now.

If you want to restart your wedding business in 2021 focus on building a strong online presence to let your ideal couples know that you are here for them! You are in business! Your doors are open and you are ready to book them! 

Adopting a true marketing perspective, being proactive, using clear messaging on your website, and knowing how to use good sales techniques will make sure your ideal couples know that they have the perfect wedding pro just waiting to help them. 

Want to dive deeper into the 4 tips we shared today?

Right now on the Book More Brides Podcast, we are sharing a 3 part wedding series that delves deeper into building an online presence, being proactive, and using clear messaging and good sales techniques. 

The first episode of “How to restart your wedding business in 2021” is now available on apple podcasts and if you loved the tips we discussed today you are going to love this episode. 

This series is here to help you feel confident and ready to kickstart your wedding business in 2021!

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