Let’s say you have a great website. It’s been SEO optimized, you’ve included your keywords, it’s submitted to Google, and it has a great layout and content. Then you sit back and start watching the Adword stats waiting for all the visitors to start rolling in. Unfortunately 5 candy bars, or two energy drinks later you are still sitting there waiting for your first visitor.

Should this leave you fearful, or even worse ready to give up on the whole thing? Absolutely not. Once your site has been correctly optimized for SEO and submitted to Google you can change the focus from the technical side of getting your site found, to the more personal side of things with updating content and writing blog posts. If you don’t have a blog connected to your site this is the time to add one. A blog adds a ton of benefits for getting your business found.

Think about it this way. To get brides in your store you have to create buzz through marketing. Your website and blog are the same way. You not only have to create a great site, you have to market it to your friends and family, post your blog updates on Facebook, and include the address on your business cards. Once Google knows you are there and knows how to categorize you it’s up to you to find the way to draw brides in. For more details on getting ranked better by using a blog check out this awesome article by Rahil on Successful Blog. What do you think?

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