FB timeline

Facebook Timeline is all about being creative. What you do with the new layout options is up to you. Whether you use your personal profile for your wedding business is up to you, and whether you network with others in the field and use your profile as a way to encourage them to send referrals your way is up to you. 

At the end of the day there are a lot of choices and you have to figure out all of the above in regards to helping you create you online persona. But even if you stick with keeping your personal profile, well, personal, you’ve got to remember that brides who are looking into your wedding business are still going to be directed by Google to your page. As a result you might want to incorporate a touch of your business into how you choose to use Timeline to be creative. Make sure to read the article by Amy-Mae Elliott to get some great ideas for how to do cool stuff with your profile! What do you think? Have you used Timeline yet?

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