Bride_and_Groom_ReadingIs it worth it to run an online ad? This question is being asked by business across the web, and the answer is a very solid “maybe.” In order to get wedding business ads to work you have to have a big enough budget to offset the wasted ads which are shown to the wrong audience, or in the wrong place.

According to Jon Mitchell’s article, when it comes to online advertising through ads, no matter how carful you are in choosing the right keywords and right demographic, there will always be issues with the ad being shown to the wrong people. At the same time, the margin of error isn’t large enough to create major problems if you have a good budget to work with. Online ads reach potential brides that would have never heard about you otherwise, but it may also reach brides who are on the other side of the country. Have you tried online ads, and if so, have they worked well for you?

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