We can all use some more easy, free ways to promote our businesses, right? emailing-brides

Well, don’t neglect one the simplest forms of promotion…your EMAIL.

Read 5 super easy tricks for turning an ordinary email into extraordinary marketing from Sharon Hill on the Become A Top Wedding Planner Blog in her blog post “Promote Your Wedding Planning Business When You Send Email” here.

Add these 5 little touches to each email and your communications will really pack a punch.  Because people DO read all the way down to the bottom sometimes, you know.

I’ll add a sixth tip…

Use a P.S.  

Most of the time, people skim an email.  But that little P.S. at the bottom gets a lot of attention.  If you’ve got a special offer or deadline with a call to action, add it to your P.S.  More people will read it and act on it.

Emails get forwarded and passed around.  Encourage a little sharing and you’ll be riding the free marketing train in no time.

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