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It’s not enough just to have a wedding blog.

Too many wedding professionals finally get around to starting one and end up with a single lonely, rather pathetic blog post that says something like, “Wow!  My first blog post…” or make a myriad of other mistakes that make all the effort of blogging practically worthless.

(Check out my blog post about 7 Worthless Wedding Blogs to make sure yours isn’t on the list here.)

So you’ve got a blog post.  Excellent!  Now you’ve got to write about something…and not just any thing, a topic that attracts visitors…and not just any visitors, a topic that attracts your ideal client, your ideal bride.

Blog Posts Brides Love

If you want your blog to be one that brides bookmark, comment on, share with other brides, visit and revisit that eventually leads to them contacting you, you simply must write bride attracting blog posts.

So what do brides love?

It’s not too difficult to find out.  Simply visit the most popular wedding blogs and see what they’re talking about in the forums.

But if you’re stumped, Sharon Hill of Become a Top Wedding Planner suggests 5 bride attracting blog posts in her very helpful article here: 5 Blog Topics That Attract New Brides

How do you decide what to write?

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