This past year has shown that wedding professionals can no longer rely on their offline presence alone, such as wedding shows or word of mouth referrals, to grow their wedding business. 

If you are currently not getting enough calls or inquiries from engaged couples every month, it’s time to build up your online presence. 

“Here’s the thing, if you don’t tell your engaged couples that you are available, they won’t know. So make it easy for your couples to know that you are here, and you are ready to book them and help make their wedding day stress-free and fun.”

Always having a steady stream of traffic coming in on your website is achieved with putting the work in ahead of time and creating a proactive online presence. In this blog, we are sharing three actionable tips to help you start building your online presence today. 

So pour yourself a hot tea, and grab a pen and paper. It’s time to get visible!

Be Proactive With Your Past Leads

Most wedding professionals think that an email list older than six months is dead. Fortunately, they are wrong. 

There are many reasons why an email list is never dead, no matter how old it is. Your past leads who you thought had their wedding completely booked might have to shuffle their wedding plans around, find new dates, new locations, or new wedding professionals. Especially now with COVID-19, it’s very common for engaged couples to change their wedding plans due to restrictions. This is why it’s essential to go back through your old email lists and reach out to your past couples, even if the last time you spoke was in 2019. 

All you have to do is send a short, direct email to the couples on your old email list. Your goal is to remind them that you are here and you are available. 

For example, “Do you still need a DJ for your wedding? I have some openings available for this year and 2022. So let’s connect and make sure you are taken care of.”

A simple 5-minute email to a past lead could mean another booked wedding before the end of the year. 

If you want to learn more about restarting an email list with 6 – 18 month old leads, click here to listen now to episode 6 of the Book More Brides podcast. 

Be Proactive On Social Media

Being proactive on social media is about posting consistently to help couples easily find you and letting them know that you are available.

Here are a few ways you can upgrade your social media presence today:

  1. Make sure your bio on your social media platforms, from Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or TikTok, lets your couples know that you are available. For example, Booking dates now for February 2022.
  1. Consistently upload posts that inform your couples of your availability. 
  1. Use location-specific hashtags and industry-specific hashtags to help your local couples find you on social media amongst all the other wedding professionals. For example, #SanAntonioWedding or #SanAntonioDJ .
  1. Use hashtags that are between 20,000 – 100,000 searches. You can easily find out how much a hashtag has been searched by typing a hashtag into the Instagram search bar.

Here is an example of a proactive post you could upload today to your socials.

I am now booking Fall 2021 weddings in #SanAntonio

We have some spots available, and we would like to work with you. 

(Then insert a brief overview of what makes you different, how you can make their wedding day even more special and the types of couples that you like to work with.)

#SanAntoniowedding #weddingDJ #SanAntonioweddingDJ

Social media platforms aren’t very search-friendly. So hashtags are essential in helping the algorithm put you in front of the couples who are looking for a wedding venue just like yours in your exact location. Even if you don’t work from a specific location, make sure you tag the location of the weddings you have worked at in the past when you upload to your social media platforms.

You can either insert specific hashtags at the end of your description or post your hashtags in the first comment. Research shows that both of these options are effective, so it’s just what you prefer. 

Be Proactive With Your Follow-Up

You are more likely to book more brides if you are responding straight away to new inquiries from potential couples, ideally within five minutes of their inquiry coming in. A CRM enables you to set up immediate responses when a couple sends through an inquiry. 

Here is a sample of an effective follow up:

Hey, (name)

Thank you so much for reaching out. I can’t wait to connect with you. In the meantime, here’s some information on … (insert value-adding information that can help your couples make a confident decision in choosing you.)

Not only does this effective follow-up let your potential couples know that you care about them by responding straight away, it keeps them excited with value-adding information.

Automatically sending out a response to a new inquiry is the first step in being proactive in your follow-up. The next step is to ensure you continue to provide opportunities for your couples to hear from you. A follow-up email sequence helps your couples receive the information they need to make a decision, such as your pricing or any discounts you are offering at the moment, as well as give them the opportunity to book a consultation with you when they are ready. 

Having a strong follow-up system in place helps you to build trust with your couples so that they know that you are interested in more than just a sale, and you genuinely do want to help them have the best wedding day possible.

It’s Time To Take Your Wedding Business To The Next Level.

Contacting old leads through email, text message, or social media is an easy way to re-engage couples who have already reached out to you, even if it was a year ago. Focusing on your Instagram presence is the fastest way to connect with new couples who need help finding you online. While being proactive with your follow-up makes sure your new couples know that you care about them, and it keeps the conversation going until they are ready to book you for their wedding. 

Whether you implement one or all three of these tips, building your online presence can help you start getting a more consistent stream of traffic on your website and more inquiries from excited brides. 

Which tip are you going to implement first? Let us know in the comments down below.

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