When things get tough, the tough gets going.
That’s what happened with these creative businesses forced to deal with the recession.  You can get inspired for your business success by the strategies these businesses used in this article:  20 Ideas Worth Stealing

The bold, brilliant marketing and promotions of these businesses all had something in common: they didn’t do it alone.  They had someone very special helping them…


Rather than trying to guess what their customers wanted, they asked.

Rather than work overtime trying to find a solution, they asked their customers to pitch in and help.

So many times as wedding professionals, we get stuck in our own little worlds, struggling to figure out the next product or service that will keep booking those weddings for us.

We forget about the most powerful resource we already have: our customers.

Survey your brides to find out what they want and what you can do better.  Ask them for help if you don’t know what to do.

It’s a simple solution that yields brilliant results.  We just have to humble ourselves enough to ask. 

What have you learned from your clients?

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Jeff Padovani

Jeff Padovani is a professional musician, wedding business marketing strategist and resident wise ass at Book More Brides. He’s the “big ideas” mastermind behind the many business ventures (and misadventures!) he enjoys with his wife, Stephanie.

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