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Over the past four years this is the exact template I’ve used to rank “How To” videos at the top of Google and YouTube search engines.

With YouTube getting over 4 billion hits per day; if you are into publicity there is no better place to share the highlights and crazy moments of a wedding day.

Every bride wants this to be the day of her life and with YouTube videos brides to be are searching for videos that help make the planning process much smoother.  Learning inside tips and hints from established companies, learning from other brides and watching videos of another couple’s big day is increasing in popularity, so we are going to share tips that will offer you the biggest chance of showcasing your services to these information hungry couples.

You’ll also learn the secret of ranking your YouTube video in Google, which is where the real leads come in.

These are tried and proven methods so; let’s get started!

Step 1 – Having the Right Keywords

It is very important to choose keywords carefully because those words will be how people find your video on Google.  You are aiming to have you video come up on the first page of a Google search.

There are certain keywords that trigger Google to list videos in the search results.  Below is an idea of those keywords with some examples for you.

  • How-to (“how to have the perfect first dance”)
  • Reviews (“Google Place reviews for wedding venues”)
  • Tutorials (“learn to write the best wedding toast”)
  • Sports or fitness related (“workouts to fit in your wedding dress”)
  • Funny videos (“groom messes up vows”)

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If you combine these terms within your niche, you may find an area that is not covered currently by a video.  This topic is a perfect target for using this strategy.

Do you work regularly with a particular venue?  What about making one of these videos:

  • How to plan a wedding at [Wedding venue]
  • A Review of florists available at [Wedding venue]

Any leads that come from the videos are going to be red hot.  With such little competition and the bias that Google has for YouTube videos in the search results, they are a great investment.

The reason behind getting the right keywords for Google searches is to increase the traffic to your video.  If you don’t rank your video in Google you will only be receiving traffic from YouTube searches, which still isn’t that bad!

Step 2 – Making the Right Video

Anyone in the world can make a video and post it to YouTube, but if it doesn’t stand out from the others, it really doesn’t matter.  There are programs you can use such as Screencast-O-Matic for fifteen bucks a year or you can hire a videographer.

If you are making a wedding video, I wouldn’t sweat the production because you probably have someone taking video at the wedding.  You may just need to do some editing to make it top of the line.

If your video is great people will love it and you will get hits; if it sucks then it just sucks and people will avoid it.

Another thing to remember is to make each video a minimum of five minutes long, especially if you are creating a tutorial video.

People don’t want you to show them how to choreograph the perfect first dance in one minute.

What is important to rank high within YouTube?

YouTube uses these factors to measure the quality of your videos:

  • Video retention
  • Comments
  • Number of subscribers
  • Number of shares
  • Number of favorites
  • Thumbs up or thumbs down

All of these factors look after themselves if you create a video that is full of content and that fills a void in the market.

Don’t think that a fancy design or great backing music is required – it isn’t!  All you need is a clear voice explaining the solution.

Step 3 – Upload for Maximized SEO

Each area of your video from the title to the description will affect SEO.  Follow these tips to maximize the number of brides and grooms who find your video.

  1. Filename – use keywords in your filename.  For example; if you are trying to rank off the keywords “wedding dress” then name your video file wedding_dress_picks_video.mp4.
  2. Video title – your title should be a minimum of 5 words long with keywords.
  3. Power tip – put your keyword as the first word in the title i.e. “Wedding Dress: How to Make the Right Choice.”
  4. Description – this is very important because when your video comes up on Google there is no sound; this is how you reel them in. Below are good points to follow:
  • Put a link at the very top.
  • Include your keyword within the first 25 words.
  • Make it at least 250 words.
  • Include keywords 3 to 4 times.
  1. Tags – tagging your video isn’t of the utmost importance but, it can generate more traffic in some instances.  Use keywords in your video tags to get it pulled up in a sidebar with other related wedding videos.

Step 4 – Get People to View Your Video

YouTube is pretty smart and has caught on to the fake views some people pay for on sites like Fiverr, so don’t do that!

Here are some tips to get your wedding day videos viewed the legitimate way.

  1. Post links on popular Q & A sites.
  2. Link it to your e-mail signature.
  3. Embed your link in blogs.

You now have the basic tools needed to make your wedding day video one of the highest ranking videos on Google search and possibly YouTube.

There’s a lot here to take in so if I’ve not explained a point well please leave a comment below or get in touch with me directly here.

What do you think about using video?