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Every business that writes emails to their customers (and I would hope that includes everyone here) wants to find a way to write a better email to get more return on their investment of time. The thing is there is no perfect formula to writing the perfect email. If your business is on the west coast you’d better believe that your brides are going to respond differently to a certain type of email than brides in the south.

So how do you find what kind of email works best for you? You try different things out. Testing is the underlying foundation to all marketing. Each market responds differently which is why different parts of the country will see different TV ads and some cities will have a ton of billboards and others will have none. For some ideas on different things you can do in your emails to make them work better check out this article by Corey Eridon.

One tip when you market to brides is to always include their name in the email. Keep it personal and not too salesy. Also make sure that you are including your full contact information and a headshot of yourself in the signature. Brides like to know who they are dealing with, and if you make your contact information easy to find it makes it easy for them to either respond to your email, or pick up the phone. What have you found that works best for you wedding business emails?

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2 thoughts on “Writing The Perfect Wedding Business Emails”

  1. I disagree with the idea of putting a head shot in the signature.
    In many cases, those type of emails show up in my SPAM folder.
    Maybe it is based on the code in the signature but I’m not sure.

    1. If the image is sent in the email as an attachment, it ends up in spam. However, if the code is inserted into the signature and the image is hosted elsewhere, it’s not a problem.

      An application like Wise Stamp is designed to do this in a way that doesn’t trigger spam filters.

      The added benefit of having a friendly image in your email signature makes it worth finding a non-spammy way to do so.

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