writing in a notepad

Ever wonder why you’ve always been told to “take notes” in a class?  Not type what they are saying or record onto a cassette?

For most people, just hearing the written word isn’t enough.  Even typing it out isn’t enough to make you retain information.  But writing?  Absolutely.

The time and effort it takes to write out information, the process of the information hitting your ear, then stopping in your brain, then your brain processing the information and then telling your hand to write it…well, that information has spent a lot of time in there!

I know for me, the only way I could retain information when studying for tests was to write, write, write the information I needed to know over and over.  Reading it did no good.  Typing it or saying it out loud did no good.

Writing it did wonders!  I may have had hand cramps, but I got A’s on all my tests!

It’s not enough to just listen to information for marketing and growing your wedding business; the true evidence of learning is ACTION.

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What other ways have you been able to learn effectively?

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