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You’ll find wedding pros arguing both sides on this one.  Some say it’s a waste of money, while others swear it books their calendars solid.

It’s not how big your advertising budget is; it’s what it does for your bottom line.

Consider these factors before investing your advertising dollars in paid advertising on these sites:

1. Is your target market on this site? 

Check the website’s demographics as well as the style and budget of the weddings being planned to make sure the brides and grooms on the site are actually prospects for your business.

For example, your local wedding business may be a good style match for brides drawn to Style Me Pretty, but if most of them are not planning weddings in your local market, it’s not going to be a good investment.

2. How much competition do you have? 

The more competition, the less visibility you have.  You’ll often get more leads from a site with fewer website visitors and fewer competitors than you will from a site with lots of visitors and dozens of direct competitors.

3. How can you stand out and get noticed?

You need to think different to stand out from the competition on these sites.  Use bold, unusual photos, headlines and copy that are completely different from everyone else.  Check out one wedding pro’s controversial method of getting leads from WeddingWire.

4. How can you get the click? 

Design your listing or ad to get visitors to click through to your website.  That means you have to give them a good reason: a free gift, information or offer.

5. Once they land on your website, how will you turn them into a real lead? 

Your job isn’t done until you turn that visitor into a lead you can actually follow up with.  Create a landing page designed specifically to capture that lead by using a free offer or compelling availability checker.

What do you think about sites like WeddingWire and the Knot?  Are they worth it?

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11 thoughts on “Is It Worth Paying to List Your Business on Sites Like the Knot or WeddingWire?”

  1. genie says:

    as a makeup artist – not worth paying – the brides on WW especially are cheap – the prices are constantly pushing downward over the last 10 years in WW – at nearly 200. a month I just send people to my Google to review and have a free WW profile. the Knot has now merged with WW. i have never had a timely response from WW cust service with any address or otherwise profile problem. they monopolize the market while attracting cheap brides. it has only gotten worse thru the decades. i will never shell out thousands a year for them at a makeup artists (not group) price point. Google and Instagram ads are the best ROI.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. I Think you two do fine work helping all the wedding professionals with all your ideas and insights thank you.

  3. Harley Ziggy says:

    Perhaps WeddingWire.com is better but WeddingWire.ca is a waste of money. We felt conned by them. The sales rep did a snow job on us and we could never reach her again after the sale was made. And WeddingWire didn’t seem to care that we were told things that were not at all valid. We have had two useless leads in a year and never hear from our sales rep. I would save my money and use it for FB advertising or other.

  4. Andrew says:

    This is certainly an issue for any new business in the wedding industry (like myself!). Thank you for your insight. I had to smile when I read the linked article about a wedding DJ who used a thumbnail image designed to look like a playable video. I am not sure if this is a brilliant idea, or just a trick. Will have to think more about that strategy!

    1. As long as there’s a video available somewhere after the click, it’s legit. Not tricky, definitely smart! 🙂

  5. Patti says:

    We were with both The Knot and Wedding Wire and I discontinued both because I didn’t feel they were bringing the results I wanted. I quickly realized the error I made, as inquiries dropped 25% during the first quarter of this year. Although the ads may seem worthless and you may not be able to directly link an inquiry to the publication, I have found that having a listing gives you immediate credibility with brides. Almost immediately after groveling to my account managers and re-signing with them, our leads took off to the point I’m no longer scared the year is going to be a total disaster. The basic listings, which we had with one of the sites, are a waste of money if there are many listings in your area – you’re buried with dozens of other ads and your clients may never see your name. It’s worth the extra cash to get the better “featured” listing, where you will always be one of the first vendors the brides see. However, I didn’t think the most expensive listings averaged enough extra leads to justify their expense.

  6. GE says:

    That whole “does wedding wire or the knot work?” question cracks me up. It’s like asking “do cell phones work?” The answer is: depends on how you use it.

    My cell phone sometimes actually doesn’t work, but that’s another story.

    Anyway, the difference between getting answers like “it does for me!” and “it’s a waste of money” has more to do with the people answering the questions than it does with the above mentioned websites.

    So I’ll interpret.

    “it does for me!” means “there aren’t as many good competitors in my area/I charge peanuts though I mistakenly believe I don’t/I’m already very popular/the others don’t answer their phones/I’m one of the two who pay for a prominent listing/I actually am diligent about marketing…” and “it’s a waste of money” means “my listing gets buried among the other 300 competitors/my prices scare off that crowd/my ads suck/it’s too expensive – even though it more than paid for itself I only got two weddings for the year.”

  7. Jimmy says:

    Your tips on making these sites work better for you are right on point. Now on to the question of whether having paid spots on these sites are worth it:

    Yes. When it comes to improving your company’s site’s SEO, they are a HUGE booster. Staying on top of your SEO is crucial these days, and one of the most valuable ways of doing so is aligning yourself with websites that already have a foothold on the “Page One Real Estate”. These sites have that very thing going for them.

    GET REVIEWS! Do you know how many people look at our WeddingWire profile and call us just because, “You guys have so many great reviews, it was a no-brainer”? Answer: enough to keep the phone ringing and my guys working every weekend.

    Use these sites to their fullest potential and you will reap the benefits. Yes, they have an expense attached to them, but you will get a return on your investment with ONE booking 🙂

    Much love to you all! Go get em!!

    Jimmy Harris
    Entertainment Director
    DeepBlu Entertainment

    1. Debby says:

      Hi jimmy,

      I am thinking about getting on The Knot or Weddingwire myself.
      Since I will not have any reviews when I start how would that work out for me ?
      I assume brides are reluctant to use a company with 0 reviews ?
      Any suggestions ?

      Thank you,

  8. CRAVE Beauty says:

    Thank you for this post. I am new to using a paid site, but I want to make good use of my money. This will help me out.

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