Alright maybe I’m being a little dramatic here, but never underestimate the power of a titillating headline.  (I’ve been waiting all week to use titillating in a sentence.)

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool at an incredible price…FREE!

Let’s face it.  There are a million and one ways to spend money on bridal marketing and unfortunately, many will not bear fruit. You have to know what is working. Unless you actually enjoy shoveling money into a bottomless pit.

In the world of online marketing, Google Analytics is one of the best tools for tracking the results of your wedding marketing.  Without some kind of tracking, you are sailing without a rudder.

So what is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics creates a tracking code that you put on your website.  This code allows Google to tell you where your website visitors come from, what they do on your website, how long they stay there and more.

Bonus: it is EASY to set up.  Just set up your free Google Analytics account, grab your tracking code and send it to your web master or paste it onto your website yourself.  If you have a WordPress site, it’s even easier; just use a Google Analytics plugin like Google Analyticator, add your analytics ID (looks something like UA-1234567-8) and you’re done.

I will admit right up front that I am addicted to this tool. I love to check my stats every morning with my first (of many) cup of Joe. I’m excited to see if our latest marketing piece is working, if traffic is still on the rise, and how many visitors are hanging out and reading our articles. This is really just the tip of the iceberg of what you can learn.

Wouldn’t you want to know what keywords your prospective customers are typing that bring them to your site? How about which page they spend the most time on and what page they leave on?  How about just knowing where they came from?  Was it a Google or Yahoo search or did an ad on a bridal website actually send you visitors?

This is stuff you need to know!

Without this crucial data you could be flushing serious time and money down the toilet.  Are you convinced?

Take a deep breath, it’s really not hard to get yourself set up.  Really!

My lovely and talented wife has made a nice little tutorial video for you. This should get you up and running. In the near future I’ll show you how to use this data to improve your game in a serious way.

I can’t overstate the importance of actually knowing how your online endeavors are working. Do yourself a favor and get on this.

STEP ONE:  Watch this video below.  Use it to setup your account and get Google Analytics on your site today.