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Having your wedding business website high in Google rankings is super important for any bride to actually find you online. As a result most businesses spend a good amount of time optimizing for Search Engine Optimization. The only thing is that what works right now, may or may not work in a few months, resulting in the need to update your SEO efforts regularly.

The big buzz right now is all about Google +1 and everyone is trying to figure out how Google is going to handle ranking those sites that do and don’t use it. What is clear is that if you use it on your wedding business site and people +1 your article or page the effect will be about the same as Twitter results for relevant links according to John Paul Titlow’s great article. That mixed with Google’s change on the importance of using social platform comments, etc. on your website to improve your site’s rankings mean that it’s better to add it to your website now than to take a wait and see approach.

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