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Change, evolution, forward movement: these are not words often associated with businesses and yet truly successful businesses embody those very words. Back in the 1950’s businesses did everything the same way, and were successful by doing it. People were comfortable with using the same products, and being told what they needed. That was a different world though, and a world that existed before the information age.

As Johnny B. Truant points out in his article about entrepreneurs, your wedding business must be able to push the limits and change both with the times, and sometimes a bit ahead of the time. Brides may want somewhat traditional weddings, but they are used to trying new things, and having the ability to use new technology and products at the drop of a hat. While there has to be a formula to what you do, and a strong foundation to your business, you have to be willing to re-think what you are doing on an annual basis.

What does this look like for a wedding business? It means keeping up with the trends in marketing, for a photographer it means trying new angles or getting a new camera lens, for someone who makes wedding invitations it means coming out with new designs which reflect style trends. Look at your business with an open mind and ask yourself what you can do differently that will reach brides where they are, and where they will be in a year from now. What is the biggest change you have made in your business so far?

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