Facebook beach front

There is more to marketing than constantly telling brides about your business. After all, who wants to go into a store or trade show and heard over and over why you should buy from them. This is a bigger issue on social platforms like Facebook according to Small Business Mavericks . People join Facebook and Twitter to interact with friends, play games, and generally be social.

As a business it’s easy to either get sucked into spending way too much time on social platforms allowing yourself to get sidetracked from why you are there, or to ignore the social side altogether. The reality is that you need to find a balance. While you don’t want to spend all day on social media you can spend some extra time (using Facebook as your page) to answer quizzes, respond to questions, ask followers questions, and generally be social. Showing that side of your personality and proving that you are a real person who is there for more than selling your product or service is likely to get you more clients who are much more likely to be loyal and spread the word about your wedding business.

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