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You know your wedding business is good so you use that confidence to tell everyone about yourself. Unfortunately that doesn’t always bring in the results you want to see. Why, if you are marketing like crazy aren’t the brides flocking to your doors? It’s a little thing called influence. Just because you know your business is great doesn’t mean that anyone else will trust that. That is, they might question your credibility until they hear from major influencers about your business according to Christine Dyer.

Now days whether we like it or not our word is never enough. You’ve heard about the importance of reviews and testimonials. Well when it comes to marketing there is nothing so powerful as a celebrity or market influencer mentioning your business. It could just be a Tweet, or a side note in an interview, but once they have mentioned your business your credibility goes through the roof and you might find your business swamped. Make sure the read the article by Christine Dyer for tips on how to get your business mentioned by celebrities and market influencers! Is this something that you have tried yet and if so what were the results?

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