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With every program out there you have the option of just using the basics, or using the program to the max. Facebook is no different. One of the easy to overlook perks you have access to on your Facebook wedding business page is promoted posts.

What are these? Well as Lawrence Chan points out on his blog, essentially they are the regular posts or updates which you posted and then marked as “promoted.” Once the post has been promoted it will show up in the news feed of your followers in the same mix as their friends updates. Why this is important to you as a wedding business owner is that it increases exposure to your Facebook business page, and therefore to your business. Brides will “Like” a lot of wedding businesses while they are planning a wedding and promoting your posts is a way to keep your company in front of her as a viable option. Have you used Facebook promoted posts and seen an increase of interest in your page?

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3 thoughts on “Why You Want To Use Facebook Promoted Posts”

  1. Stephanie Padovani says:

    Good point, Mark. You have to have at least 400 likes before you can use the promoted posts feature. Though if you have fewer than that number, it probably wouldn’t be as good of an investment, either.

  2. From what I understand the Facebook Promote feature only works for Pages with 400-100,000 Likes.

  3. You have to have a certain amount of “likes” (I don’t remember how many) before you can promote a post. I don’t have enough.

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