Twitting birds

Twitter is often considered a social network that you can basically use as a billboard advertising your business. While that can be one of its uses, anyone, especially if you are in the wedding industry, should use it for what it was created for: Networking.

Case in point: Instead of just pitching your product or company in your tweets, try using the 1,2 punch recommended by Miriam Salpeter CNN-named “top 10 job tweeter” in her blog. Find someone that you want to network with such as a wedding planner, or country club. Send a Tweet out to them asking them a legitimate question. Then, after they have responded either send them a DM to continue the conversation, or go right to emailing them. People and companies are much more likely to respond and want to connect with you if you have built a relationship first, rather than going directly to promoting yourself to them.

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