Brian Halligan talks about how even the basics of marketing have changed in recent history. Outbound marketing used to be the normal way to reach people, and people used to respond to it. Well the truth is, today people still respond to it – by pitching all the carefully crafted letters, hanging up on telemarketers, and ignoring sales calls.

People today want to find the information and not feel like they themselves are being hunted down. As a result marketers are learning to use what is called “inbound marketing.” This is where the potential client is looking for something, finds you, and becomes your customer. The sales process is no more complex than the old outbound marketing, but instead of blasting out information, businesses are setting themselves up to be found through links, blogging, social media, and more. Your store and website need to be set up in a way that naturally attracts and interests people so that you can be found and start getting those sales.

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