There is a lot of information out there in regards to personal beliefs of “what is okay” in grey areas on social media. The initial view of the statistics shown in Sharlyn Lauby’s article make it seem that those involved in social media are much less ethical, making decisions which hurt their companies. However the reality is that they are more willing to answer honestly and a majority of us just don’t know the rules.

What may seem black and white to one person may never even seem important to someone else. This is why social media has in-depth terms of service and privacy policies. The problem is that a majority of people never take the time to read them. This is the era of information overload so if you want to make sure that you and those working for you follow a certain set of rules you have to look into the rule books and verbalize what those rules are. When was the last time you checked out Facebooks rules? When did you spell out your companies rules of ethics to those working for and with you? Without knowing the rules, wedding businesses will cross lines that they don’t even know are there. Take time to learn the rules before you cross an un-crossable line because believe me; it’s easier to do than you think. Have you ever crossed an ethical boundary on social media without knowing it?

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