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How is your business doing? Is it going well, and you’re making progress, or are you still really struggling in a lot of areas? These are questions that you should make sure you ask yourself each year, re-evaluating where you are, where the problems are, and what needs improvement.

A couple of things that help you get unstuck and get your business moving forward include continuous networking. The better your networks are the better your business will be. It is networking with other businesses and potential clients that is the driving force behind getting sales. Another thing you can do according to an article by Small Business Trends is to build trust. Make sure that everyone, whether they work for you or they are potential clients, know exactly what you offer, and what you expect. Don’t use any creepy tactics of increasing the cost at the last second, or asking more from them than you originally stated. Trust is what wins your recommendations and referrals.

What do you think? Where is your business right now?

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