pinterest board

I’ll be honest; I wasn’t a huge fan of Pinterest when it came out. It seemed like a waste of time, and I wasn’t sure what the benefit would be. However many of my friends dove in ecstatically and began extensive pin boards to plan parties, re-decorate rooms and more.

The problem with Pinterest for a wedding business is that you have very little control over your images. They can, and most likely will, go viral. Is this a problem? It could be, but if you make sure that your image is watermarked, and includes a link to your website and price if it’s an image of a product, then the potential of gaining more business increases by a lot. After all, we all have heard the stories of people who made it big because of going viral on YouTube. On Pinterest the potential of making sales is much, much larger.

Laurie points out that there are legitimate concerns to pining on Pinterest in her article on PhotoPreneur, but you have more control than you might have realized. Take the time to look into Pinterest and consider the pros and cons of using it for your business rather than just dismissing the entire concept. What do you think? Is Pinterest something that you would use for your wedding business?

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