Working_At_ComputerFirst of all let me just say that I don’t mean you want a gmail address for your business. You can use gmail for a address that matches your website while still utilizing all the benefits that gmail offers. So why do you want to consider gmail for your business?

Adam Pash has written a great article walking people through the benefits that gmail has to offer. Some  of the top benefits are the ease of setting up folders, tagging names and emails to automatically get delivered to the correct folder, managing all you email accounts under one main account and the list goes on. For businesses these benefits add up to becoming huge time savers so that you don’t have to spend hours on your emails when you could just spend minutes. What do you think? Is gmail good for you or have you found something else that you like better?

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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Consider Gmail For Your Wedding Business”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to brand all of my Google products with my business domain, so I registered for Apps. It’s been great, though some issues have cropped up (even as a paid subscriber, though Apps is free for up to 10 user accounts).

    As another pointed out, Google+ is not allowing businesses. Google Apps does not allow Google Profiles, so for now I have a personal gmail account running along side my business account just to access G+. I still wanted to get to know it better before they officially launch.

    For most, a regular gmail account will work fine. Smaller organizations might want to consider the free apps version, or even the paid accounts ($50/user/year). This will greatly increase collaboration.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My business email is thru gmail and I have now discovered that even with an invite, I can’t set up a Google+ account. Maybe once they allow businesses in I will be able to do that, but for now, they aren’t allowing me in.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great article! Gmail is one of the most important tools in my business – never have I before been able to work from my mobile phone or while I am at an internet cafe! My wedding enquiries are automatically starred and filed in a separate ‘label’ away from all the newsletters (and other junk) allowing me to focus on what makes me money and concentrate on everything else in my free time. Gmail certainly is a lifesaver!

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