shopper-crossingBridal magazines have been around for decades. It used to be that those magazines were one of the only places for brides to get their ideas and therefore the ads placed by businesses in the magazine pages would bring in major revenue. Well according to the research done by Think Like A Bride the era of bridal magazines is just about over.

Brides aren’t looking at magazines as much as they are running Google searches. It used to be that bridal magazines cost an exorbitant amount of money but you can now get a subscription extremely inexpensively (trust me I’ve done this for the last three years just for fun). Bridal magazines are desperate for subscribers and getting a subscriber is more important that charging a lot and not getting anyone.

What does this mean to a wedding business? Well Think Like A Bride is encouraging wedding businesses to stop throwing their money at the magazines for advertising and to focus their marketing budgets at getting ads on Google. You are far more likely to gain leads online than you will from a print advertisement. What do you think?