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Behind every business owner there is a story. You probably didn’t start right off with building your business as your first job. If you did, you’re in for a big struggle. The reality is that the jobs behind us have shaped us for the ability to handle being an entrepreneur.

Without training and working in the field of customer service, retail, an office, restaurant, etc. you are going to find yourself floundering, unsure what step to take next and how to handle simple situations. It isn’t impossible, but it is much easier if you have worked other jobs which have training you how to handle the innumerable number of things a small business owner has to juggle.

In his article, Jeff Haden points out some of the top jobs people are likely to work in and he explains how crucial each one is for preparing entrepreneurs for running a business. Think about the jobs you held before starting your wedding business. What is it about them that helped enable you to be able to handle the responsibilities that you now handle?

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