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LinkedIn has been skimmed over a lot recently by marketers. It isn’t that they don’t use it or think it’s important. Actually the opposite is true. They almost automatically assume than anyone involved in online marketing, let alone regular business people, are going to be already using LinkedIn.

So what exactly does it do for you? Well, it isn’t where you are going to find a lot of brides. However it is where you will be able to network with other professionals in the wedding field which can lead to referrals, and even more importantly, it builds your credibility.

It’s true that you want your business to get top ranking in Google, but have you ever run a Google search on your name? Believe it or not both brides and professionals networking with you are going to be doing that very thing. They are asking “who is this person, and why should I listen to them?” Having a profile on LinkedIn is one of the best ways you can answer that question.

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