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Deciding what you should write about can be tough. However what a lot of people don’t realize is that if their work is published online, whether they are an individual or business, there are laws which govern what can be written and how that content is protected.

For instance, you are writing an article about a wedding and make a crack about how horrible Aunt Sue is. If Aunt Sue or any of her relatives have a problem with what you have said they have a legal right to sue you for liable. Don’t do it!

On a positive note, your content is automatically covered by copyright as soon as you have published it online. While submitting it to the copyright office will give you the option of suing someone if they steal your work, you are still protected, and it is always a crime for someone else to steal your online content (this includes everything on your website). For more information about some of the laws that govern online content make sure to read the article by Jonathan Bailey. What do you think?

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