bride at wall

Listen to your brides. Don’t just think in the box and do what every other wedding business is doing. Do your brides love shopping online? Then find ways to cater to them like installing a couple of computers in your store for them to browse through.

This is the message coming from Think Like A Bride’s article as they watch the trends of bridal businesses that are making it in today’s economy versus the businesses that are having to close their doors after decades of being in business. Brides are changing and either a business keeps up with those changes or they run a huge risk of eventually having to close down.

Take time to read the bridal magazines and follow the trends of top businesses. Take a stroll through your favorite shopping district and notice which businesses are busy and which are quite even during a weekend. What are the busy businesses doing right that captures the attention of shopper in your area? Do they have a mini coffee bar, a little sitting room for tired shoppers? What do you think? What do brides in your area really want out of a business?

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