Google is watching you

We all know about yellow pages. It has been the bread and butter of businesses for decades. The problem is that more and more people are turning to the internet for that same information. As a result your ad or listing in Yellow pages may not turn out many leads or customers.

The same is not true of getting listed on Google. The number of people that check it out to find businesses are ever growing into a huge community from coast to coast (and yes, that includes me). The benefit is that they type in the type of business and location they are looking for and see a full description of the business, business ratings, the exact location on the map, and all the contact information they would ever need.

As opposed to getting listed in a phone book the Google listing is free, and quick to set up. To find out how to get listed make sure to check out the video by SiteVisibility’s Creative Director Kelvin Newman. What do you think? Have you gotten your business listed on Google yet?

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