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There is a lot of pressure in business to “get ahead.” While you do want to build a successful wedding business, you also need to take time to switch from looking at your business from the perspective of business owner to the perspective of a client. You might do great at what you do, and might have the highest quality product, but that isn’t all that a bride sees.

I’ve run into some business owners who thought they were the best people on the planet and ran their business in the best possible way. The problem is that often they are making at least one serious mistake in how they dealt with their clients.

When you write an email take a minute to think about what you would think if you received that email from someone else. Does it make sense? Is it succinct and easy to understand? Do you sound nice, or are you coming across as snippy? Apply this same process to everything you do. No matter how great of a person you are it is possible to make a mistake in the way that you handle something in a way that will turn people off. For more tips on business behaviors that help you reach your ideal clients better check out this article by Chris Garrett.

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