ConsultationWhen you sit down to talk with a potential bride you are going to find that there is a lot of repetitious material that you cover with each and every bride. It’s easy to just come up with a spiel and stick to it. Remember however that each bride is different, their wedding is different, and everything you say is new information to them.

Make sure that even though you are covering all the same old basics that you customize the information to the bride you are talking to. At the start find out a bit about what she is looking for. Not only will it give you an idea if this will be a good fit, it will also allow you to do a personalized presentation. You can choose package deals which fit what she just told you, talk about location benefits which fit her dream, and include information about add-ons that she will need.

Personalization is what makes your client feel special, and it’s what often closes the deal at the end of the day. Once you’ve got your basics down you might need to do a review now and again, or use a cheat sheet, but always, always make sure the bride feels special, like you care, and make notes for when you see her again so you can continue that on the next meeting. Check out this article by Tony Cole about personalization preparation. What do you think?

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