Lady writing with a glass of beerA mistake that a lot of businesses make is that their content sounds the same as everyone else’s content. Now I don’t mean they are all writing the same thing. Instead they are all writing in the same professional voice. While being professional is important, so is making sure that your content has its own sound.

Think about when you meet someone for the first time. While there are a lot of factors that go into your analysis of who they are, their voice is what will stand out the most. No one sounds the same, or talks the same way and your unique voice is what should help you stand out online. Try to find a way to get your writing to mimic how you talk, even if it’s just a small change in the pattern of writing, or including more exclamation points.

As a wedding business you are automatically a part of a very intense competition for getting a brides business. If you sound like everyone else not only will she have trouble figuring out whom to go with, she will also keep searching for a wedding vendor that stands out. Do what it takes to make your business the one that stands out and boost your wedding business sales. Find your voice and use it!

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