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Which couples are the right fit for you – and which ones are NOT the right fit?

Can you answer this question quickly right now? Better yet, does your website copy clearly answer this question? 

Clearly telling potential couples who you want to work with, and who you don’t want to work with, is one of the best things you can do for your business. 

When you use clear language you will find it easier to build an emotional connection with your potential couples. 

This is important because, as we always say in our Book More Brides Tribe group on Facebook, you always need to be speaking to your couple’s emotional needs – which involves getting very specific when speaking about their pain points, what they want from a professional like you, and how you are able to help them. 

“If you are for EVERYBODY, you are for NOBODY”

The more specific and clear you can become, the easier it will be for your ideal couples to find you, and the easier it will be for them to say YES to you. 

What is holding wedding professionals back from clearly saying who they want to work with?

Picking a lane and being specific with who you want to work with will push people away more than it will draw people in. Right? 

I can assure you this is not true, but this is the fear that most wedding professionals have. 

It’s a common fear and completely understandable. We don’t want to push people away because we fear we might lose good opportunities, important clients and necessary income. 

Unfortunately, you are doing your business a massive disservice when you don’t pick a lane. If you are not getting enough bookings each month, or you are only being contacted by the couples you don’t want to work with, you are going to find incredible results from just picking a lane.

3 reasons why it is a good thing to tell potential couples, “No I am not the right wedding pro for you”:

  1. You will get faster bookings with the right couples.

You’re going to get wedding couples coming to you with all different styles, all the time. So you want to get good at pointing them in the right direction, whether that is helping them realise “No this is not what I am looking for” or “Finally somebody gets me and my style”. 

If your fear comes true and you “lose a client”, do not panic. It’s ok, because you weren’t what they were looking for anyway. It’s best to let them know this early on in the process instead of after countless phone calls and back and forths.

  1. It saves you having to answer a lot of questions from the wrong couples.

Not only will unclear copy and images on your website create confusion for any couple visiting your website but you will also have to spend a lot of time answering questions for your “not ideal” couples. This includes the price shoppers, the couples who will question your values and expect a cheaper deal from you. 

  1. It ensures a higher return for your hard work.

The couples who are going to choose your highest package have different pain points, questions, goals and desires than the couples that will choose your lowest package. So you want to make sure you are speaking to the couples who will choose your high end package. Running your wedding business is hard work and you deserve a high return. 

Paint a clear picture for your ideal couple

The goal is to set up your wedding business so that it draws in the couples you want to work with and very kindly, but clearly, pushes away the couples you don’t want to work with. You can achieve this by being very specific with the images you put on your website, with your marketing materials, social media posts and the words you use to describe your services.

When you use clear language you will find it easier to build an emotional connection with your potential couples. 

You want to let your ideal couples know that you:

  • Really get them. 
  • Understand what stresses them out about their wedding day and the wedding planning stage.
  • Know what they need to feel comfortable enough to book with you.

You want your ideal couples to be able to read your web copy and already have their questions answered before they come to you. Let your website do the work for you. Then all your potential couples need to do is get on the phone with you and confirm you are the right wedding pro for them. 

Look at your website this week and ask yourself:

Is my website speaking to the ideal couple that I want to work with?  

Perhaps it’s finally time to change the images and the language you have chosen and become more specific.

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Stand Out From Competitors