What is your wedding business niche? Do you have one, or do you do several different things and combine it all on one website? If you don’t have a very focused website the reality is that brides may never find you, and even if they do, they might not ever figure out what you are about.

There is something called the 5 second rule. If someone lands on your website they need to know who you are and what you do in 5 seconds or they will bounce off your site and go on to someone else. If you are a wedding photographer don’t include information about your hobby of geocaching. Create a different blog or website for that.

There are wedding businesses who offer more than one service. This is where it gets complicated. Locations that cover everything from the wedding planner to the catering often use the term “full service” in the headline on their home page. Find a way to sum up what you do in one sentence for your headline; include a couple paragraphs more of information about what you do on your home page. Then separate each service by putting them on their own pages with tabs leading from the home page to the service. Make sure to read the article by Koundeenya on Shout Me Loud to learn more about the importance of niche marketing. What do you think?

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