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If you’ve ever tried looking into Google to find out what kind of apps they have that would be helpful for your business you’ve probably found yourself overwhelmed. They have a ton of different tools, and each one is set up in a certain way that will help different businesses at different levels. Some are for individual people, some are for large corporations, and some are for entrepreneurs.

When you are a small business you need tools. Those tools are what allow you to get things done on your own without a team as wedding businesses are often run by only one or two people. Thankfully Google has realized that small businesses need help finding the right tools and have put together “Google for Entrepreneurs.” Not only does it help you figure out what apps you could make use of, it also connects you with training and events that help you build your business. Check out this article by Lauren Indvik for more information. What do you think? Is Google for Entrepreneurs something that would help you?

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