bride eating chocolateIf you are constantly running into the issue of brides not responding to your emails you are not alone. In fact only 1 out of 4 emails coming from businesses ever make it into people’s Inbox. It isn’t because brides don’t want to hear from you, often it comes down to exactly how your email is formulated.

For instance: using an email title that sounds spammy, which means including things like the word free, exclamations points, or really anything that doesn’t sound professional is going to boost the probability of your email getting blocked by spam filters. Yes, you want a subject line that catches a brides attention, but remember that you are a professional business, you aren’t yelling at them, or forcing brides to open the email against their wills.

Along that same line the content of your email is just as important. Keep it interesting, but also keep it professional. Not only will that help it get through spam filters, it will increase the probability of the bride replying to your email. Check out Riva Richmond’s awesome article for some great in-depth information about how to get your emails delivered, and read.

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